8 Questions To Ask Yourself

by rtaylor - September 4, 2017

Your home is a safe area of security and peace. Great caution should be taken before allowing a stranger to enter into your home. There are obvious risks involved, and you want to make sure you have peace of mind.

Before you let somebody enter your home to clean, whether they be an independent house cleaner or with a company, be sure to first ask yourself these 8 essential questions:

1. Who will have access to my home and how?

2. Who is responsible if something in my house is damaged during the service? Does the company have insurance? Are they set up as a legal company with liability coverage?

3. How do I know the employees are safe and trustworthy? Do they go through any kind of background check?

4. Are the employees trained to a specific standard? How?

5. How will I know what services will be performed? Is there any kind of checklist I can reference?

6. If there was ever a suspicion of theft, what happens? Is the company bonded to cover theft?

7. How can I be assured of the quality of work? Are there quality controls set in place?

8. If I am not pleased with the service, what are my options?

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