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How to clean inside your freezer

July 30, 2018 by rtaylor

A lot can be learned about somebody by looking inside their freezer. Aside from the fact that it tells people ...

How To Clean Inside Your Oven

October 31, 2017 by rtaylor

Almost every hobby cook knows this feeling: You made something really delicious for dinner, ate as if you haven’t in ...


How Often Should You Be Vacuuming?

September 26, 2017 by rtaylor

When it comes to cleaning a home, some tasks on your to-do list may be more daunting than others. Vacuuming ...


Taking Care of Granite Countertops

September 8, 2017 by rtaylor

Why Granite? Granite is one of the most durable rocks used for making countertops. Granite countertops are unique because it ...