How to clean inside your freezer

by rtaylor - July 30, 2018


A lot can be learned about somebody by looking inside their freezer. Aside from the fact that it tells people about what you eat, the way you maintain the cleanliness and order of your freezer tells people a lot about yourself. Do not send them a wrong message. Here are the things that you need to remember on how to clean inside your freezer.

  1. If you are wanting to do a deep clean of the whole fridge, you can turn it off entirely.
  2. Defrost. Everybody loves the movie “Frozen” but Queen Elsa does not need to play inside your freezer during cleaning time. Take out all the frozen food. Keep them somewhere safe – ideally a cooler, for the meantime.
  3. Take it off. Remove everything that you can remove inside the freezer – shelves, drawers, everything that is removable.
  4. Wash it. Wash everything that you removed inside the freezer in a sink. Mix unscented dish soap with warm water especially if you are sensitive to the smell of soap. Remember that you will store your food inside and strong fragrance may hold on to your drinks and food items.
  5. Concoct your potion. Mix vinegar or baking soda with hot water. Spray this freezer fairy fluid inside your freezer.
  6. Hold the door. Hold the door like Hodor and wipe off dirt, grimes, and bacteria with a toothbrush or other cleaning tool.
  7. Dry everything off with a paper towel to dry your freezer as well as the drawers and the shelves.
  8. Business as usual. Return all drinks and food items and organize according to your needs and preference.

See, it’s not as complex as you think. With a little motivation and inspiration, your freezer story may even turn out to be a bestseller! If you don’t want to clean the entire thing, you can use a rag with hot water. However, you gotta be quick! It will freeze fast 🙂

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