Forgotten Office Hack to Increase Profits and Productivity

by rtaylor - February 22, 2017


Do you want to have happy and productive employees? Paying out high salaries and bonuses isn’t the only way to achieve that, in fact it can do the opposite. There have been many real-life examples that show the workplace environment is what contributes to employee satisfaction and productivity.

Here are 4 reasons why having a clean and inviting workplace is one of the best ways to improve satisfaction, productivity, and ultimately your bottom line.


Employees are spending so much of their time inside of your office. If your office isn’t regularly scrubbed for germs and bacteria, then the chances of them catching a sickness at work is high. Less sick days for employees means they’ll be in the office more, and they’ll obviously be happy not be sick.

First Impressions

Have you ever walked into a storefront of a business and immediately wanted to walk back out because it was just a nasty work environment? I’ve certainly seen a few in my experience. A messy bathroom alone can ruin an entire customer or client experience at your business. Don’t be that business. Keep it clean for the sake of customers and new clients that walk in.

Inviting Area

Having a clean office makes the workplace more inviting for employees. They may not always have a clean home, but they will actually want to come to work more often when they know they can show up to a clean work environment. Also, less clutter and mess means fewer distractions and less time wasted cleaning up after Fred’s re-microwaved fish.

Show You Care

Spending the time and money to have a clean office environment for your most valuable asset, your employees, shows them that you value them and you care for them. When they feel that, they will be happier, more productive, more creative, and more likely to stay. When your employees work in a clean, safe, tidy area, they will ultimately improve your bottom line $$.

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