How Often Should You Be Vacuuming?

by rtaylor - September 26, 2017


When it comes to cleaning a home, some tasks on your to-do list may be more daunting than others. Vacuuming is a simple enough task that it can be your go-to chore when you have a cleaning itch to scratch. But just how often should you be vacuuming your carpets?

Consider this: your carpet is basically a big sponge for dirt, dust, and allergens. Carpets in high foot traffic areas and high use rooms catch everything from outside dirt to dropped food to smoke carcinogens and more! The longer you go between vacuuming sessions, the deeper these kinds of debris will get forced into the carpet fibers. To avoid the need for a time-consuming carpet deep-clean, plan to vacuum the different areas of your house based on this guide:

  • High-traffic areas should be vacuumed every few days. If possible or needed, then you can vacuum daily. We know that can take a lot of time though. Carpets in front of entryways, and in your hallways face the most use, meaning that any grime tracked into your house is being pushed further and further into the carpet every time someone walks on it. To keep that from happening, and to prolong the life of your carpets, try to vacuum these every few days with a slow and steady motion.
  • Medium-traffic areas, like living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, should be vacuumed weekly. These rooms in the home don’t typically face as much use as hallways and entryways, so a daily vacuum isn’t necessary; however, if you or your family use these rooms/areas frequently, you may want to consider moving them onto the daily vacuum list.
  • Light-traffic areas can be vacuumed about every 10 days, or biweekly. Dust and dirt will settle on the surface of these carpets, but won’t necessarily be forced down into them. Keep up with vacuuming of these areas to keep your carpets looking clean!

Follow these rules of thumb for carpets that look and feel clean to you, your family, and your guests! But don’t feel bad if you aren’t able to keep up with frequent vacuuming. If these guidelines are too frequent for your schedule, bump each down a level – high-traffic twice a week, medium-traffic weekly, and light traffic bi-weekly!

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