How To Clean Inside Your Oven

by rtaylor - October 31, 2017

Almost every hobby cook knows this feeling: You made something really delicious for dinner, ate as if you haven’t in days and then you slowly walk out of the kitchen when you pass your oven. You start cleaning and after fifteen minutes you still look into a cave of grime and burnt crust. Luckily today’s industry has more than one solution for our problem. Here are three tips, which can help you to enjoy your meal even more.

1. Use Oven Cleaner Spray

Oven cleaner spray is a great way to clean your oven easily. You just put on some gloves, shake the can and spray on the dirty areas from about 1.5 ft away. Then you close the oven door and let it work for 15 minutes or so. Don’t forget about it and let it sit forever or you risk damage to the oven material. After this time you take a sponge and wipe carefully until the oven is clean. If there are still leftovers, just repeat the process until you removed the last bit of grime. The oven spray can be kind of harsh, so be sure to keep everything well ventilated. Also be sure to rinse off any oven cleaner residue. You don’t want an excessive amount to get in your food. If it is used right, cleaning spray is a perfect way to clean your oven and it does not leave any scratches or damage.

2. Pumie Sticks

The Pumie Stick is a really easy alternative when your oven spray and sponge won’t remove stubborn grime. You just dip it into water and carefully rub over the dirty areas. It has to be done by very carefully by pushing lightly so you don’t create any scratches on your oven. Test it on a small area first.

The big advantage Pumie Sticks have is the safety. In contrast to the spray, they are safe even if children or pets are around. There is no danger of getting splashes in your eyes or children swallowing the substance. On the other hand, the stick is not suitable for lacquered/painted surfaces. Still, you have many advantages and an easy way to clean your kitchen.

3. Razor Blade

Another handy method for cleaning spots in the oven is a razor blade. We recommend using this if oven spray isn’t getting the job done. Oven spray can soften it up and allow a razor to dig underneath. It is very important to have a proper angle on the surface so you avoid scratches. The blade must also be sharp. We recommend a brand new one. But it is worth the effort because even the most stubborn leftovers of fat and other branded substances will be washed away.

4. Hire Us!

Of course, if you don’t want to go through all this hassle you can just hire us! We offer Oven Cleaning as a service add-on to your regular appointment. We will come with all of the necessary supplies to get the job done.

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